Solar Energy Solutions to Heal the Planet

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About Us!

Why DayStar Power?

We are a team of solar power professionals based in the D,C., MD, and VA area. We are experts in the design and installation of the highest quality solar PV and backup systems on the market.  Exhaustive measures are taken to give you the best customer experience possible! We do this by being solar energy brokers.  This means that we evaluate your situation and provide you with a customized solution that is right for your household.  

This service is accomplished by being affiliated with all of the major solar companies in the areas where we do business.  You get top quality products with the longest warranties, and the same local installers that have installed for the top 5 companies in our area!  Our system provides you with the best product on the market, not the product that a company negotiated the best bulk rate for; and finance options from several sources to fit your needs.  We are not limited to one company's solutions.

Call us today to see how we can work to start reducing your energy bill and  your carbon footprint.

DayStar Power offers:





DayStar Power is locally owned and operated.  We are certified in designing and installing the best solar systems available. With over 5 years of combined experience, our projects are planned to minimize hassles and to run smoothly.  All the paperwork is completed by us for federal and state incentives. We offer a 25 year product and power warranty and a  20 year umbrella warranty which means that we replace any malfunctioning parts free of charge (covered by the manufacturer).  We have been rated as a 5 star install company!!

Team Vision

To help people be good stewards of God’s abundant resources.  We must all work to do our small part toward healing the planet!  Our dedicated team looks forward to assisting you with your transition to cleaner energy at an affordable price.